Monika Rienoessl
Hauptstraße 26
3430 Neuaigen

Tel.: (+43) 676 936 6217

Is that, what I perceive as reality, how  the reality  presented  to my  senses, the existence of  the things in fact so as the appear or is behind this reality  possibly an completely  other one , which is to detect.
The question is motivated through the conscious experience of variability in the perceptible world.
I want to go behind of the visible and perceptible world, my interests is the change of the extant, to dissolve the material borders.
In the centre of my work stands the human being with his spirituality dimension, the omnipresent of signs, banal moments, memories, rituals at the everyday life. I work with the strange and speechlessness and allow me the multiple consideration. My perception I work up in symbols which those meets in the outside world as a different, another reality.
The basis of my form-vocabulary  is the spherical, tube, cubic, the reduction and abstraction. My symbols results  from the multifarious interlace of idea and material.



Palais Wittgenstein, Vienna, Austria


World Competition of Arts & Crafts, Kanazawa, Japan


The International Ceramic Competition Lappeenranta, Finland 
„Der goldene Schnitt“, Schloss Gloggnitz, Austria


Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst, Vienna, Austria
„light of schadow“, Wasserschloß Kottingbrunn, Austria
„Werrie veyman“, Schloß Seyring, Austria


„90 Jahre Berufsvereinigung der bildenden Künstler Österreichs“, Alte Schiebekammer, Vienna, Austria
Skulptur 02, Fürstenfeld, Austria


Ceramic Center Skalskor, Denmark


Keramik im Steinbruch, Oberpullendorf, Austria
Mit den Augen essen, Landhausgalerie, St. Pölten, Austria


”Der Klang der Zeit”, Kulturvereinigung Wienstrom, Vienna, Austria


ApleAdriaPannonia, Int. Art Exhibition in Körmend, Hungary
Lange Nacht der Museen, Technologiezentrum Eisenstadt, Austria
Kro Art Gallery, Messe Florenz, Italy
Kro Art Gallery, Messe Strassburg, France


Fotoausstellung Saline, Hallein, Austria
Europäischer Dialog, Galerie Time, Vienna, Austria


Europäischer Dialog, Chateau Seigneurial de Villemomble, Paris, France